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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome! Thank you for choosing to stay with Seascape Resort, Inc. The following information should help you out whether you are new to the Destin area or have been coming for years.

Air Conditioning: Please do not turn the temperature down below 72. If the thermostat is turned down too low it will freeze up and the A/C will shut down. If you have just checked into your unit and have been bringing in luggage or groceries please allow time for it to cool off. If the temperature has not cooled down within a reasonable amount of time, please notify us at 850-650-2649  

Refrigerator: Please keep in mind that prior to you checking in our housekeeping staff has cleaned your refrigerator, which can allow cool air to escape on occasion. If you have loaded the refrigerator with groceries you may need to give it up to 24 hours to catch up. Please leave on the middle setting because turning it all the way up to the coolest setting can cause all the cool air to go to the freezer, which will result in a frozen freezer and a warm refrigerator. Also, consider removing any warm drinks (sodas, bottled water, etc.) to speed up the process of cooling down. If after 24 hours it is still not cold, please notify us at 850-650-2649  

Wi-Fi: There are three different networks available depending on where you are located on the resort. The Ariel Dunes network is labeled “Seascape - Guest” and the Majestic Sun the network is called “”. The password for the Ariel Dunes and Majestic Sun networks is: 43431776. The common area and Villa neighborhood is under Seascape Wi-Fi and there are no passwords for this network.  

Grills: There are charcoal grills and stations located throughout the Villa Neighborhoods, and in designated areas around the high rises.  

Parking:  For Ariel Dunes I & II there is an open parking lot behind and to the side of both buildings. If you are in the Majestic Sun there is parking behind the resort as well as a covered 3 level parking garage attached to the A building via a walkover. The Edgewater, The Empress, and Surfside buildings all have parking located at each resort. For Boardwalk, Lakefront and the Golf Villas parking is available in front of each individual building. Please note we do not allow boats, RV's or trailers in the parking lots. The bike racks are located in front of the Majestic Sun on the B building side and also between Ariel Dunes I & II.  

Pools: We have over 10 pools located on the resort. Each complex has at least one pool that is specifically for the private use of the guests staying in that complex. For example, if you are staying in Ariel Dunes I you have two pools connected to the building. To ensure that there is adequate space for all guests in the pools we do not allow guests that are not staying in the building to use those building specific pools. For example, Ariel Dunes I guests cannot use the pool at Ariel Dunes II, and vice versa. However, there are 5 pools on the resort that everyone staying on Seascape property has access to, so everyone can be together if your group is split up.

Wristbands: As guests staying at Seascape Resort, you will receive pool bands in your unit to have access to the pool (and fitness center if applicable). If bands are not left in the unit on day of departure, there will be a $30.00 charge per band. For guests at Ariel Dunes II - you will also need a white proxy key card for access to the fitness center. These can be obtained through the Seascape Rental Management Front Desk between 9am and 5pm, 7 days a week. Please note, lost/unreturned proxy cards have a $75.00 replacement fee.;

After Hours: If you have any major issues after 5pm you can call 877-424-2603 and press #1 to reach the manager on call. The noise ordinance is from 10pm – 10am. If there are any complaints of noise after 10pm you may contact the Sheriff's department at 850-267-2000 or you can call us on our after-hours line if you are not comfortable with calling them. Please keep in mind this is an emergency line. If you are locked out, leak in the unit or a fire. Try to call the office at 9am for any other maintenance issues such as; T.V. issues, reservation questions or linen supplies.

Linens & Supplies: We provide each unit with enough bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths to accommodate the maximum number that the unit sleeps (for example: most 2 bedroom units sleep 6 people so there will be six of each type of towel). Please be sure to check under all vanities for remaining towels. We do not provide daily linen service but it is available for a small fee. All units come equipped or have access to washing machines and dryers (Golf Villas have coin operated machines). It would be a good idea for you to consider bringing laundry detergent, as we do not provide that. We supply one roll of paper towels, 2 trash bags per can, 2 rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, 2 packets of dishwasher detergent, and bars of soap. Beach towels, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers are also items to consider bringing with you, as we do not supply those.

Accessibility: We welcome people with disabilities at any of the rental properties listed and available on this site. Please note that because of the date of construction, some of the individual dwelling units offered for rent on this site will not have been constructed with any features of accessibility for people with disabilities included. However, some of the more recently constructed individual dwelling units and amenities at Seascape are more likely to have features of mobility accessibility that can be useful to some guests, such as no-step entries, doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and kitchens and bathrooms that are large enough to permit entry by a person using a wheelchair.

The buildings at Seascape that offer units for rent that are more likely to have these features of mobility accessibility include: Majestic Sun, Ariel Dunes I and Ariel Dunes II.

However, since individual units are owned by different owners and may have been modified or retrofitted differently, even units with accessible features may include features, including bathrooms, that are not accessible.

If you or any member of your party has questions related to the specific features of accessibility in any unit you are interested in renting, you can contact us at
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