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Seascape Resort Maintenance

Seascape Resorts Inc employs a number of skilled maintenance personnel to handle resort operations. These professionals are available to ALL resort owners for light to mid-range maintenance projects.

  • Minor electrical work (bulb replacements, fixture replacements etc.)
  • Minor plumbing work (commode systems, disposal clogs etc.)
  • Minor appliance work (troubleshooting, minor repairs & adjustments)
  • Minor HVAC servicing (troubleshooting, line clearing, filter changes, minor repairs)
  • Sheetrock repairs (patchwork, towel bars, patch texturing & painting)
  • Carpet cleaning (commercial grade carpet cleaning)
  • Upholstery cleaning (commercial grade upholstery cleaning)
  • Lock & Hardware Installation and adjustments (including KABA locks)
  • Furniture Removal & Hauling
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Slider repairs (adjustments, rescreening, etc.)
  • Electronics (installation, troubleshooting, replenishment & adjustments)

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Seascape offers a maintenance program for non-rental owners to help you ensure your property is always ready for upon your arrival. The program consists of:

Resort Owner’s Minor Maintenance Program:
This valuable program delivers quality, cost-effective maintenance solutions for your home away from home or your rental unit.

Plan fees: 1 bedroom = $25/month, 2 bedroom = $30/month, 3 bedroom = $35/month.

Covered Items:

  1. Diagnostic Service Calls*
  2. Quarterly A/C Filter Changes (labor only)
  3. Unclogging toilets, sinks, tubs, garbage disposals
  4. Programming TV/DVD/Remote Control/Batteries for the remote
  5. Putting closet doors back on track
  6. Adjusting refrigerator settings
  7. Adjustments to flapper valves and flappers in toilet tanks
  8. Resetting Breakers
  9. Replacing light bulbs (standard 60 watt bulbs, specialty bulbs are additional)
  10. Lubricating and adjusting doors and hardware (keycard system excluded)

The following items are similar to the above items, but are NOT covered* by the minor maintenance program:

  1. A/C filter changes outside of the quarterly program
  2. Batteries for smoke detectors
  3. Replacement of internal toilet parts
  4. Lightbulbs other than normal 60 watt bulbs (everything else is special ordered)
  5. Replacing remote controls that stop working
  6. Replacing sliding glass door handles
  7. Replacing or Repairing towel rods or toilet paper-holders
  8. Rescreening Screen doors
  9. Clearing the lint traps in laundry dryers
  10. Replacing disposals that are malfunctioning
  11. Adjusting the hardware on beds or dressers
  12. Hanging mirrors or pictures or moving the items that are not secured properly
*Any non-covered items may be handled by our staff for an additional cost. Simply inquire as needed and a quote will be provided!
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