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Hey, Where Did Everybody Go? The BEST time to visit Destin, Florida

Hey? Where Did Everybody Go? The BEST time to vist Destin, Florida - The kids may be going back to school, but that doesn’t mean that summer’s over in Destin and Miramar Beach. All it really means are fewer cars on the road, no lines to get into the area’s best restaurants, the pools are empty and even the beach is almost all to yourself. Oh, and did I mention that this is the time of the year where you can get a GREAT rate at any of the 200+ properties at Seascape Resort?

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Ask any local and they’ll tell you that late summer and fall is the Best time to be on the beach in Destin. Even the sunsets provide their own spectacular show as they are slowly extinguished in the gulf each evening. Every watering hole on the beach, especially as it’s seen from the deck at The Whale’s Tail in Seascape, has everyone facing westward and toasting the end of another perfect day on the Emerald Coast.

So before everyone else finds out this secret, grab your swimsuits, sunscreen and flip flops and hurry on down to Destin and Seascape Resort…summer’s just now getting FUN!

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